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Copper Country Today – December 3, 2023

On this week’s Copper Country Today:

  • Host Todd VanDyke talks with Chad Van Bennekom and Mike Borlee of the Keweenaw Snowmobile Club about the importance of the trails they maintain, and snowmobile safety and etiquette. Hear the discussion here.
  • Todd VanDyke welcomes Jenn Shaud, Craig Hughes and Larry Zorawski from the Swedetown Trails Club, to talk about the trail system and proposed plans to expand the chalet. Listen to the conversation here.

Copper Country Today airs throughout Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula Sunday mornings at 7:00 on WOLV 97.7 FM, 8:00 on WCCY 99.3 FM and 1400 AM, and 9:00 on WHKB 102.3 FM. The program is sponsored by the⁠ Copper Shores Community Health Foundation⁠.

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