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Copper Country Today – May 14, 2023

On this week’s edition of Copper Country Today…

  • Copper Country Intermediate School District Superintendent James Rautiola talks with host Todd VanDyke about the need for teachers, and the status of public education in the area as the end of the school year approaches. Listen to the conversation here.
  • On this segment of Copper Country Today, Michigan Tech President Dr. Rick Koubek and host Todd VanDyke talk about the university’s adoption of the Finlandia University nursing program, MTU’s continued growth, and other pertinent issues. Hear the discussion here.

Copper Country Today airs throughout Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula Sunday mornings at 7:00 on WOLV 97.7 FM, 8:00 on WCCY 99.3 FM and 1400 AM, and 9:00 on WHKB 102.3 FM. The program is sponsored by the⁠ Portage Health Foundation⁠.

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