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2023 Winter Carnival Coming Next Week, Royal Court to be Crowned this Weekend

Huskies love playing in the snow. 2023 Winter Carnival has Michigan Tech’s campus feeling excited. Festivities for the annual event will begin this weekend, with the majority of them taking place all next week. Tomorrow night royalty will be crowned, then next week campus will see the unveiling of snow statues students have been working on for close to a month.

“They are able to compete and become Royal Majesty for all of Winter Carnival and partake in different activities throughout the week. So that is coming up this Saturday. Then we have our All-nighter event, and that’s kind of the main kick off to carnival. With all of the month-long statues we have out there right now, they’re chugging along. Especially with the weather we’ve had the past few days. So coming Thursday morning, when they’re done and judging has started, you’re going to see some great food themed statues, ranging in different sizes and themes. And it’s going to be wonderful to see Thursday morning.” – Joe Dlugos, President of Blue key Honor Society

This year’s theme is Tasty Foods for Wintry Moods, and the all-nighter will even include some businesses from downtown Houghton, traveling to campus. President of Blue Key honor society Joe Dlugos, says that it was fun working with the city to bring businesses to campus. But students are really just excited for another week full of fun in the snow.

“So we’re going to have The Forge food truck, is going to be on campus. And possibly Chicago Beefs as well. That is on Wednesday the 8th. This year we had a lot of good contact with the city of Houghton. Everyone here at Blue Key we love to see everything come together and come to fruition. And that Wednesday night is kind of when it all hits us. We see a lot of students, facility, alumni, community members out and having fun and enjoying the festivities we have. It’s really warming to see.” – Joe Dlugos, President of Blue key Honor

Society Statue judges will start grading teams Thursday morning. There are various snow themed sports and games for students. And on Friday the Huskies take on Bowling Green at MacInnes Student Ice Arena, just before Mikey Day takes stage, when he visits the Rozsa Center. The community, alumni, students, family and friends are all invited to join the fun next week.

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