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41 North Film Festival revving up Thursday

The Rozsa Center stage plays host to a different kind of entertainment beginning Thursday. The popular theatre venue puts up a screen and welcomes some of the best film has to offer. 41 North Film Festival Director Dr. Erin Brown says she likes to make the event interactive.

A film that I think people might be interested in called Storm Lake, which is about a small-town newspaper. The Pulitzer Prize winning editor of that paper will be doing a Q&A after the film along with the filmmaker.

Another movie that Brown is excited about covers a news story from 2018 that garnered international attention.

I just today was able to acquire the new film by the directors of Free Solo and Meru, films we have also showcased at the festival in the past. It’s called The Rescue. It is about the international diving operation that saved the lives of that soccer team that was stranded by a flash flood in Thailand.

Brown says that the goal of 41 North is to show award winning films that have been on the festival circuit across the country at high profile venues like Tribeca or Sundance, and exposing local audiences to movies they wouldn’t have the chance to see in person otherwise. As such, the format doesn’t have in place a system to judge the entries by audience members or a local panel of experts. The festival is free to the public.

Many film festival entries are available now through streaming services, but Brown doesn’t believe that offers the same viewing experience.

We’re accustomed now to staying in our houses and watching films, but I think there is something really special and important about seeing a film with an audience and having a chance to explore those issues in the presence of other people.

More information about 41 North can be found at the festival’s website.

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