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After busy summer, McLain preps for Phase Three construction

July, August, and now September have all been busy at the McLain State Park campground. Supervisor Louise Hunt says weekdays still only have a handful of vacant spots, even with school back in session and a majority of the travel season over.

Camping ends for winter and there will be a lot of work happening at McLain, weather permitting, as contractors rush to have a revamped water and sewer system complete before tourists return next summer. Hunt says the cabin area will look significantly different in 2022 as well.

We’re going to be basically hiring a company that is going to come in and move those cabins back away from Lake Superior for us. And then our rustic cabin is going to get electricity.

Record water levels in 2019 caused significant erosion along the shoreline.

Additionally, a tiny house will be installed on the property offering a lower cost option for those looking to stay at McLain.

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