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Antibody treatments effective in COVID-19 fight

Aspirus Keweenaw says the Regeneron antibody treatment continues to show effectiveness against COVID-19, including a recent set of cases at Canal View – Houghton County. The therapy has been offered since November 2020 by Asprirus Health across its network of hospitals and clinics.

Director of Pharmacy Jessica Bessner says patients receiving the antibodies begin to feel better quickly.

They’ve been getting the antibody treatment, say today, they go home, they lay low and get a good night’s sleep. They’re waking up the next day with less symptoms than they started with.

Regeneron is a treatment, not a vaccine. It is utilized after a person has already tested positive for COVID-19 and is beginning to show symptoms. Bessner says it is easy to handle, requiring only to be warmed up to room temperature before being given to patients.

Right now they’re coming in a 10 mL vial. We keep them in the refrigerator and we’re either able to draw it right up into syringes for a subcutaneous administration or we can mix it in some saline, 150 mL of saline, for administration. It’s relatively easy from that perspective now.

The antibody regimen is only available to vulnerable populations, like long-term care facility residents. Some other high-risk factors include obesity, being pregnant, or those who have chronic disease such as diabetes, kidney, lung, or heart disease, hypertension or any immunosuppressive disease.

Bessner says that adverse reactions are extremely rare.

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