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Arson Latest In Long History Of Ongoing Vandalism At Mont Ripley

Vandals have been targeting Mont Ripley Ski Hill for years and management has had enough.

The latest round of damage occurred the weekend of May 6th and 7th, when it appears someone lit a bonfire on top of the hill, then set fire to a retaining wall near the ski lift.

Mont Ripley General Manager Nick Sirdenis said, “We have to replace the wall. We have to dig out the dirt behind the retaining wall first so we can replace the wall. In materials, it will cost a few hundred dollars, but in time, I can see us being about a week worth of work, tearing it out and putting it back together.”

It could have been worse. Had the structure nearby caught fire, the lift could have been damaged, costing as much as a $100,000 to repair.

Vandalism is an ongoing issue at Mont Ripley.

Sirdenis said, “Every year, we have issues with vandalism. Last year it was lights that were either shot out with a BB gun or a slingshot. We’ve had windows busted. We’ve had manholes cut into and they rolled the cover down the hill and they throw rocks onto the valves, just come up here and do donuts on the grass and tear up the ground and cause erosion. So, it’s just non-stop.”

Mont Ripley is now offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for this latest incident.

Moreover, they just want the vandalism to stop.

Sirdenis said, “We should find a way to have people stop doing this, first and foremost. It’s senseless, it’s stupid and it shouldn’t happen.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Mont Ripley (906-487-2340) or the Michigan Tech Public Safety office (906-487-2216).

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