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Avoid shopping around for second vaccine dose

There is still a shortage of the Pfizer vaccine in the area, but trying to make alternative plans for the second shot remains discouraged. Kate Beer of the Western Upper Peninsula Health Department says that even if you have great intentions, it will actually cause a larger headache for the system as a whole. Providers get supplied with the second vaccination automatically depending on how many initial shots they have put into arms.

Once you get that set of first doses, the state then automatically sends the set of second doses to follow that first dose.

To add to that, returning to the same location is also necessary to avoid problems.

If you say get your Moderna at the health department, your first dose, you better plan on getting your dose from the health department because that is where your second dose is gonna be shipped.

Beer says steps have been taken to alleviate the shortage and she thinks things will be smoother going forward. President Joe Biden visited Portage, near Kalamazoo, last Friday, one of the locations where Pfizer vaccines are being produced.

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