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Bobcat Found in Dickinson County Recovering with Local Wildlife Rehab

Bobcats are common throughout Michigan. But residents don’t see them that often. The opportunity to help one of the big cats out of a sticky situation is even rarer. But that’s what happened last week when a resident found a bobcat kitten on the side of the road in Dickinson County.

The four-pound kitten had porcupine quills embedded in her coat. Her rescuers brought her to the Copper Country Veterinary Clinic for surgery. Where Dr. Rebecca Severn performed the surgery on the kitten. 

So the good samaritan was able to get most of the quills from the face. So we just had the embedded ones, and so they were all up in the groin and armpit area. Once sedated, we were able to clip the area. And we had to cut small wounds to push the quills out, pull them out. A lot of them were curled and folded over on themselves, like they had been in there for a long time. – Dr. Rebecca Severn

The bobcat will stay at Upper Peninsula Wildlife Rehabilitation – Keweenaw until she has recovered from surgery. She is set to be released back into the wild sometime in the spring.  

We want to keep her til spring, cause we’ve got to make sure she’s getting plenty of food. And right now is not the best time to release a wild animal because food is go to be at a scarcity for them. So She’ll stay with Beth until springtime. – Dr. Rebecca Severn

To donate venison or rabbit meat for the kitten’s recovery contact UP Wildlife Rehab – Keweenaw on Facebook. If you come across wildlife like bobcats remember to admire them from a safe distance. And if you come across an animal that needs help, contact your closest Michigan DNR field office. They are wildlife experts that can safely transport an animal to a place where it can get help.  



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