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Calumet Council holds special meeting

The Calumet Village Council met Tuesday with two items on the agenda. President Brian Abramson announced that he is in the process of selling his home, and will be stepping down once that is finalized. The listing will be up soon and it could be months until a potential closing date is set. Abramson will continue to serve until that time.

Public Works Superintendent Marc Klein spoke about the opportunity to purchase a lightly used piece of equipment from Luce County. An ASC grapple fork was about to be put up for auction when the listing was discovered by Klein. He contacted Luce County to learn more about the equipment, along with Manager Amber Goodman. Klein says the $5,000 asking price is too good to pass up.

This piece of equipment’s roughly $30- to $35,000. It was bought by Luce County brand new in 2015 and never really was used. We have the opportunity to buy it now for $5,000. It’s fairly simple math and its usefulness is fairly self explanatory when you look at this thing and what it can do.

He says that Luce County has pulled the listing until Calumet could deliberate on the opportunity. Klein says it will be one of the newest pieces of equipment in the village’s fleet. He believes that it could prove particularly valuable at a time when staffing is a concern, as the machine’s versatility would replace a lot of potential man-hours. It is graded to lift up to 30,000 pounds, meaning it could play a role in everything from snow removal to pulling down the temporary barricade around the Fifth Street Fire site.

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