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Calumet gives Theatre 45-day notice

The clock is ticking for the Calumet Theatre Company. The Village Council gave the organization 45 days’ notice that it is not in compliance with current requirements to maintain control of the historic venue at a special meeting Tuesday night. Manager Amber Goodman says it isn’t as dire as it sounds. There is talk about trying to put a representative from the Village on the Theatre Company Board and both sides are actively working on a new lease that better reflects their vision. It is being completed under the watchful eye of an independent third party.

No, actually we have a special attorney for this.

Board President Dan Jamison and several other representatives from the Calumet Theatre Company were on hand. He spoke for the majority of the roughly 12-minute meeting. As Keweenaw Report noted earlier in the day, the group is already transitioning to a new insurance policy with the help of the Leveque Agency. Jamison has also been on the forefront of trying to link the council and the organization more closely together as a partnership.

Jamison welcomed the deadline set by the council. He said that the Village should feel comfortable with setting demands, and that is part of building the relationship he is seeking.

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