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Calumet Village Council approves pay raise for seasonal snow removal hires

With all five members present, Calumet Council was able to form a quorum yesterday after calling off a scheduled Tuesday meeting. The body addressed contracts for snow removal. Sidewalks will be cleared at a rate of $5 per linear foot. Roads are cheaper at $1 per square foot.

There was concern about being able to find seasonal staff if hourly wages did not go up. Councilor Elise Matz says the measure makes sense.

It’s a very competitive market right now, and that seems reasonable to me.

The council bumped pay by two dollars per hour for operators and one dollar per hour for call ups.

The group also agreed to contract out the job of cutting down five trees at the Calumet Theatre Park. They hope to have an agreement in place so it can be completed as soon as Main Street Calumet wraps up its farmers market for the season.

Virginia Dwyer brought up an issue with the consent agenda. The village has been paying bills up front and approving them after the fact, but that may cause some problems.

I just got a copy of the bills for this month. It seems like your just paying everything ahead of time, but then the council is approving the bills that have already been paid, so what sense does that make?

In particular, Dwyer was concerned about a per diem given to Kelly Beattie, a candidate for village manager. The stipend was a little over $1,000 for travel and lodging. Dwyer said the transaction is irregular since Beattie is not a municipal employee.

Amber Goodman beat out Beattie for the job. She officially agreed to the position at Thursday’s meeting.

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