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City of Hancock Now Hiring

The City of Hancock is looking for a new employee to join their staff. The new position will be titled CEDAM Community Fellow for a 15-month contract. City Manager described the best candidate. 

We are looking for someone that has had experience in a public governmental office would be great. Or has a marketing background that would be helpful, or a policy background. we don’t have a prescribed person, we don’t have to have an education that you have to have for this position. Your experience would count a lot. So it has to be someone that has some energy, and is go to be willing to work on advancing our policies and procedures, and plans within the city. And having experience in any one of those fields would be helpful to us.

This position will see employment over the next year and is a great opportunity to be at the forefront of the city exciting future developments. Please contact the City of Hancock for more information on the job responsibilities and employment process. 

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