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Combating fatigue focus of tonight’s pandemic town hall

Michigan Tech’s COVID-19 town hall series returns tonight, including on air via 97.7 The Wolf. You can catch a rebroadcast Sunday on ABC 10. Kelly Kamp says communication is a key theme of the show, particularly how to keep from tuning out due to pandemic fatigue.

If we don’t continue to keep our guard up , we’re just going to keep getting further and further down into this. There is information that is important for our community to know. There are lessons that we can continue to learn to improve our response and better deal with this as a community and individual.

Guests will include a Michigan Tech professor on how to better relay information to the public, especially as data changes rapidly. Journalist Josh Vissers will speak to the same subject from the media’s perspective. There will also be a presentation on the 1918 pandemic and what lessons can be gleaned for our current situation.

Kamp says current circumstances provide a fascinating look at the scientific process in real time, which means the answers we develop to questions about COVID-19 may take longer than what modern society has become comfortable with.

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