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Compassion for Karl Dresch

The Associated Press reported over the weekend that Houghton County Sheriff Brian McLean and Paul LaBine had written letters in support of Karl Dresch as he faces preliminary court hearings in Washington, D.C. Neither man is suggesting that Dresch is innocent, that’s for the criminal justice system to decide, but they both believe he deserves bond.

LaBine, a lawyer and the mayor for the City of Hancock, says he has known Linda Dresch, Karl’s mother, for a long time. LaBine considers her a friend. He was a classmate of Karl’s as well. When they reached out to LaBine he gave the subject serious consideration before agreeing to write the letter. He says that his actions are his alone.

Again, I wrote it strictly as an individual, not in an official capacity or anything, but I stand by the remarks I made.

McLean says that Karl Dresch has not always been on the right side of the law, even here in Houghton County, but that doesn’t strip him of his rights. McLean says he never viewed Dresch as a threat as he worked through past legal issues and believes he is entitled to bail.

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