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CopperDog 150 Volunteer Spots Open

The CopperDog 150, 80 and 25 return to the Upper Peninsula’s gem this weekend. And the race can’t start without teams of dogs, mushers, spectators to cheer, and most important the many volunteers who keep the race going. For the CopperDog to run safely year in and year out, organizers need 358 volunteer slots filled. And with a history of tremendous support, CopperDog is calling on the community and anyone who has the time this weekend to help guide road crossings.

Below you can find a list of volunteer slots that are still open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Guiding teams to a halt at road crossings can be intimidating to the uninitiated. But once volunteers get together, the funnel method that is used most often, falls into place. With the help of experienced volunteers, you too, can enjoy an up close view of the race and teams.

For those interested in checking mushers bags. The goal is to make sure that mushers have a certain number of booties for their dogs, flashlights, food, and other equipment. Making sure that each team is well equipped is a very important job for volunteers. Bag checkers will follow up with each musher to make sure they are ready to hit the trail.

Dog handlers are another necessary position with the team. As a handler, volunteers will be in charge of helping move the sleds and teams into their starting positions. An intimating volunteer position, that comes with many rewards. Such as having the opportunity to up close and personal with each team’s dogs. Be careful though to not get tripped up by a gang line. If you do fall while handling, the best thing to do is to roll out in whatever direction is away from a turn or the team.

CopperDog 150 Volunteer Registration

Krissy Tepsa, Volunteer Coordinator

Bag Checker 5p-7p (1 person)
Dog Handlers 6:15p-8:30p (2 ppl)
Snow Road Security 6:45p-8:30p (10 ppl)
#50 Old Colony 6:55p-8:21p (1 person)
#100 Bootjack Rd 7:13p-8:55p (1 person)
Fence Removal 8:30-9:30 (10 ppl)
Dog Handler CD80 finish @ Cliff View 8:40p-12:20a (1 person)
#205 US41/M26-Phx 9:19p-12:51a (10 ppl)
#213/#214 Garden City South & North 9:32p-1:18a (5-7 ppl)
#220 Padburg 9:48p-1:46a (4-6 ppl)
Dog Handlers CD150 finish 9:58p-2:04a (2 ppl)

Bag Checker 12 noon-2p (3 ppl)
Dog Handlers 2p-3p (7 ppl)
#268 Manganese/Fanny Hooe 2:15p-5p (3 ppl)

Dog Handling 7:30a-11a (4 ppl)
#285 – snowmobile only 8:40a-9:38a (1 person)
#265 – snowmobile only (+ timing) 8:49a-9:56a (2 ppl)
#213 Lac La Belle 9:41a-11:33a (1 person)
Dog Handlers Eagle Harbor 10:45a-2:15p (5 ppl)
Bag Checker 11a-2:20p (2 ppl)
#205 US41/M26-Phx 10:31a-12:47p (6 ppl)
#207 snowmobile or snowshoe in – 10:33a-12:53p (2 ppl)
#214 Garden City North 10:37a-1:19p (4 ppl)
#220 Padburg 10:51a-1:45p (3 ppl)


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