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Couple install emergency phone box in Stanton Township

Ed and Faye Wakeham of Hancock own a cabin in a remote part of Stanton Township on Little America Road. The rural setting has poor cell service and a couple of instances already proved challenging for those who needed to reach emergency personnel.

The Wakehams personally funded the installation of a call box near their property that has a direct line to dispatch in Negaunee. It connects to the regional communication center in less than three seconds.

The couple says people are always outdoors in the area, year-round.

There’s people walking, jogging, snowshoeing, skiing on this road, or down the road. Snowmobiling. In the summertime there’s a lot of minibikes and four-wheelers on this road, and down the road. There’s no cell phone service for about three to five miles.

Houghton County Sheriff Josh Saarinen says he has personally tested the phone and wants to congratulate the Wakehams on taking the initiative to complete the job. He says, “This is a great community member initiative that will help the residents and local camp owners if they have a need for emergency services. I want to thank the Wakeham family for this project.

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