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Department of Natural Resources Launches Free Snowmobile Weekend

This upcoming weekend is the Department of Natural Resources first free snowmobiling weekend in Michigan. The Department of Natural Resources will waive trail registration and permit fees for the state’s more than 6,000 miles of snowmobile trails. DNR Deputy Public Information Officer, John Pepin, says that the state wants to make it easier for people to get out on the trails and explore Michigan’s wilderness.

“They don’t have to have a trail sticker, they don’t have to have a permit to do the snowmobile activities over the weekend. They still, of course, have to abide by all the rules and regulations that you would normally have to during snowmobiling season. Getting into these sort of back woods areas, are really beautiful to see. You get to see wildlife, but also lakes and forest, and bridges. And all kinds of little things that you otherwise wouldn’t know existed.” – John Pepin, DNR Deputy Public Information Officer

In line with free snowmobiling weekend, the DNR is also promoting their new snowmobile safety campaign, Ride Right…

“And essentially what that means is riding on the right side of the trail. So you’re not coming around a corner and encountering oncoming sleds. But we also extend it to mean riding sober, and riding at a speed that is comfortable for your abilities. And we also want to point out that speed is the majority factor in fatal crashes and injuries in Michigan.” – John Pepin, DNR Deputy Public Information Officer

Pepin mentioned that there have been a large number of accidents throughout the state, and wishes to emphasize riding on the right side of the trail, riding sober, and within your abilities. He also suggests to check in with the local snowmobile club for trail conditions and reports before heading out.

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