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District Court Looking to Increase Security Measures

At the meeting of the whole last week, county department heads were asked to submit their annual list of items needed to improve department efficiently and work progress. Many departments have already submitted their lists to the county’s controller, Elizabeth Bjorn, but she is still waiting for list from just a couple of departments. Who are working collaboratively among their employees to determine their top priority needs. One such department head is county District Court Judge Nicholas J. Daavettila. As it stands now the court has very limited safety protocols in place to protect court employees, defendants and the viewing public. Daavettila  has asked as a part of the court’s list of improvements, the addition of a armed bailiff. Provided the sheriff is able to spare a body in the court room for limited time each week. All of the departments lists of improvements, including the districts court’s, will be looked over during the next county commissioners meeting in April.

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