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Double Red Flags At Beaches Means To Not Go Into the Water

To help save lives and boost awareness of changing conditions at Great Lakes beaches, double red warning flags are now in place at beaches in Michigan state parks.

It’s a change to the Great Lakes flag warning system that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources began integrating last year at several state parks, and for good reason.

The Great Lakes flag warning system is in place at state-designated swim beaches to advise visitors of current water conditions and any applicable environmental warnings.

If you see double red flags, you are not allowed to enter the water from the beach. If you see the flags, you can still enjoy the beach without entering the water of the beach is not closed.

You can find out of the beach is closed from posted signs or verbal information from the park staff.

A green flag means the water is low hazard.

A yellow one means a medium hazard, and to watch for dangerous currents and high waves.

A single red flag means there’s high hazard and it’s recommended you stay on the beach. 

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