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Erroneous press report cause of Calumet Theatre insurance change

Calumet Theatre Company Board President Dan Jamison says he was as surprised as anyone when the venue’s insurer pulled its coverage in December. While shopping for a new policy, the building was closed to performances for the month, hosting its grand reopening with a showing of It’s A Wonderful Life a couple of weeks ago.

Jamison says the theatre suffers at times from condensation build up caused by temperature changes in different portions of the structure. He reiterates that the issue is not unique to the venue and it is significantly different from flooding caused by leaks, which was once the going rumor.

It had turned out that the carrier we had was uncomfortable about insuring the theatre because there was a bunch of news that went out about flooding and damage, which was incorrect. It was difficult convincing the previous carrier that all the stuff they had heard was incorrect, and they didn’t want to come up and visit.

Jamison says the envelope review being conducted by the Keweenaw National Historical Park, the Advisory Commission, and UP Engineers and Architects will hopefully be completed by next month.

From what I understand from our meeting on Wednesday, there was a restart. They weren’t able to start in November. They had to do a restart at the beginning of the year, and it should be a couple weeks out, we’ll have an idea.

The venue is preparing to announce a concert the Saturday of the Copper Dog 150, which is March 5th, and is open to the general public during regular business hours. Jamison says two staff members have been retained full-time throughout the winter, a departure from past practices.

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