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Fair Board presents first-ever Agnes Ahola Award

The Houghton County Fair Board handed out more than just silver plates Friday afternoon. 

The group also presented the Agnes Ahola Award for the first time. It is meant for someone who has gone above and beyond for the annual event. The committee took pains to hide their decision from Carol Freeman. She was caught off guard and even shed a tear or two inside the Houghton County Arena. Freeman talks about what the honor means to her.

I was totally shocked! I had no idea and I am just very, very thankful, and very appreciative.

The Silver Plate Awards were handed out in eight categories. Cathy Isaacson won for Needlework, Jenny Dice in Culinary Arts. Pamela Hecht stood out in two categories, both Fine Arts and Folk Arts. Ruth Salo was tops in Floriculture. Sue Kesti took home a plate for Horticulture and Agriculture. The Exhibitor of the Year was Pamela Hecht. She had 28 first place entries across all categories.

Other fair event results:

Demolition Derby

Heat 1: 1st – John Manninen, 2nd – Raymond Niemi Jr.

Heat 2: 1st – Cooper Parkila, 2nd – Karl Usitalo

Heat 3: 1st – Roger Strack, 2nd – Jason Camps

Final: 1st – Cooper Parkila, 2nd – Karl Usitalo, 3rd – Jason Camps, 4th – Josh Benson and Benson delivered the best hit of the event.

Off Road Derby

Consolation Heat winners: Race One – Damien Negrish, Race Two – Raymond Niemi Jr.

Overall winners: 1st – Jesse Deforge, 2nd – Lucas Walitalo, 3rd Daniel Datto

Tractor Pull

First place winners by weight class:

3001-5000 lbs – Jim Tervo

5001-6250 lbs – Alan Juntunen

6251-7500 lbs – Howard Junkin

7501-9500 lbs – Howard Junkin

9501-12,500 lbs – Ray Wirtanen

12,501-18,000 lbs – Daniel Holley

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