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Fatal snowmobile crash in Marinette County alcohol related

At roughly midnight Saturday, a snowmobiler came across a single-sled accident near Wagner, WI in Marinette County. Emergency services responded, but 46-year-old Tony Camps was declared dead at the scene. Camps had hit a tree near the state line. He had significant internal and head injuries.

Both alcohol and speed are thought to have been factors in the crash. The incident is a stark reminder of the consequences that can be suffered if you fail to follow relevant laws while out on the trails. Even if the worst is avoided, significant penalties can be enforced, both criminally and civilly. Snowmobilers are required by Michigan law to operate their vehicles in a prudent manner and wear a helmet. Failure to do so means you can be held liable if another person is injured due to your actions.

The legal limit for alcohol while driving a snowmobile is the same as a car, .08. Sled owners are responsible for the actions of anyone operating their machine, even if they are not personally involved on that given day. If someone is drunk and causes another to be hurt, they face up to five years in prison. If it becomes fatal, the penalty bumps up to a max of 15 years.

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