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Finnish CEO Talks About His Road To Success

Featuring tasty Finnish-American favorites, a new cookbook is out and the primary supporter of the project will be in town to give a presentation Wednesday at the Finnish American Heritage Center.

“We’re very fortunate to be able to host Mr. Juha Vidgren. He’s the CEO of the Finnish logging equipment company Ponsse. A lot of local folks may have seen their equipment out and about here in the Copper Country,” said Dave Maki of the Finnish American Reporter.

Vidgren will give a presentation about how a one man operation in rural Finland became a global leader, and will focus on what anyone can accomplish if they apply themselves.

Each year, one Finlandia student is chosen to do an international internship with Ponsse in both their North American headquarters in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, and the main headquarters in Finland.

Maki says the cookbook that was compiled last year helps promote the mission of the Finnish American Heritage Center which is to preserve and promote Finnish culture in North America…and that includes the food. Maki said, “And I think a lot of the people here in the area will recognize these dishes even if they’ve never made them in their own home themselves. Given that so many people around here have Finnish roots, if you aren’t Finnish yourself, it’s very likely you know many folks who are.”

Vidgren will give his presentation at 3pm Wednesday at the Finnish American Heritage Center.

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