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First Commission Meeting of 2022

Commissioner Tikkonen was reappointed as Vice Chair for the county. He would go on to run the meeting, in the absence of Commissioner Koskela. First item to be approved was paying the county’s bills, totaling $1,094,926. On January 26th the county will join Franklin Township for a discussion on a new project with the DNR. The township plans to discuss a non-motorized trail project. Franklin Township was approached about a possible trail system, by the DNR sometime in the last year.

And the county’s recycling program went exceptionally well during 2021. Commissioner Tikkonen expressed gratitude toward the public for helping keep over 20 tons of plastics out of landfills. The commission also expects more discussion to take place around the building of a second bridge. Commissioners Tikkonoen and Anderson believe that a lot of work will need to be done, particularly at a grass roots level. And a second bridge for the area would require the cooperation between the state, county, and friends in Washington.

 Finally commissioner Koskela was reappointed to the county’s mental health committee. And commissioners Anderson, Britz and Janssen will remain as county representatives with the health department. The county will also start conducting meetings with a Zoom option. VideO conferencing became a major apart of life for many during the pandemic. And with concerns with rising COVID cases in the region, allowing people to choose to zoom into a county commission meeting increases public engagement.

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