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Former JC Penney Store To Be Used As New Relief Distribution Center

(Houghton, MI) – Following are the latest updates regarding the flood recovery efforts in Houghton County.

A collection event for household hazardous waste has been scheduled for Friday, July 6 from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. The event will be held on Macdonald Street behind the Lake Linden Village Park. A complete list of items that will and will not be accepted can be viewed here. The event is only for Houghton County residential flood victims. Residents are encouraged to separate things like paint, automotive fluids, cleaning fluids, etc. from other flood debris and set them aside to bring to the collection event.

The Red Cross distribution center at the Calumet Colosseum will be closed by tomorrow (Thursday) and the distribution center at Dee Stadium will be closed at 4:00 on Friday. Plans are being made to move the distribution operations to the former JC Penney’s site at the Copper County Mall. Volunteers are needed to man the center this weekend. Please call (906) 233 6621 if you are able to volunteer your time.

The Sheriff’s Department has been responding to a number of complaints regarding individuals removing barricades from closed roads and/or trespassing on private property to go around the barricades. The Department is starting to take enforcement action.

As a reminder, all Houghton County recreational trails are closed to all use and tickets will be issued to anyone found using the trails.

The Health Department announced that a well drilling company has volunteered their services to treat individual’s wells that were contaminated by the flood. Homeowners who had their wells tested by the Health Department will be contacted regarding this service.

The Health Department has announced the reopening of the beaches at Twin Lakes and Eagle Harbor after the latest water tests confirmed that they are safe for swimming. The Health Department had previously announced that the beaches at Fort Wilkins State Park, Bete Gris, Eagle Harbor, Calumet Water Works Park, Lake Medora and Second Sand Beach were safe for swimming. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources would like people to know that McLain, Fort Wilkins, Baraga and Twin Lakes State Parks are all open for business.

The Houghton County Road Commission’s list of damaged road has been reduced from a high of 103 to 65 as of today. Closed roads have been reduced from 35 to 25. A list of the damaged and closed roads can be viewed by following the link on our Storm Recovery page.

FEMA and EMHSD along with local personnel will continue to review the damage assessments today. Four teams will be looking at damage to individual property and three teams will be looking at public infrastructure. The crews were out in the field until 10:00 last night.

The DEQ is working to bring in equipment to begin restoring streams and drainages to their original beds. They are hoping to begin that work as soon as this afternoon. Predicted weekend rains are a concern due to stream beds that no longer flow to culverts and bridges.

The City of Houghton announced Agate Street is now open to traffic. They are filling sandbags to place in areas of concern for the weekend rains.

MDOT is continuing to work on paving sections of M-26 from Ripley to Laurium and hopes to have all lanes open soon. They are also continuing their work of inspecting drainages along M-26.

The National Guard continues to work on Coles Creek and Beacon Hill today.

Michigan Technological University announced that they have formed three task forces to deal with the flood damage at their Administration Building, the Michigan Tech Trails and at the Mont Ripley Ski Hill.

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