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Giving Tuesday: Friends of the Porkies

There are more than 100 friends of state parks groups around Michigan, but only one calls the Porcupine Mountains home. Friends of the Porkies began with the wilderness state park’s ski club, that operated like an early form of the friends groups that would come later. Officially the Friends of the Porkies began in 1998, since then volunteers and members have worked hard to help support staff and projects in the porcupine mountains.

“Some of our Giving Tuesday funds from 2019 went to playground equipment, some went toward the outdoor adventure program. Which brings kids to the park. And they learn outdoor activity skills they can use for the rest of their life. Getting kids out and getting them active is one of the best ways to help preserve their mental health. Where you are out on the trail, surrounded by the woods, and the water, and the wildlife.” – Sally Berman, President, Friends of the Porkies

The Friends of the Porkies Giving Tuesday donations will help the group continue giving kids in the region the opportunity to explore the Porcupine Mountains. In recent years the friends group has focused on helping park staff improve visitor safety, and kids adventure programs. Throughout the year they also host fundraising, volunteer, and education events. Find out more about the Friends of the Porkies online.

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