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Giving Tuesday Non-Profit Spotlight: Camp Josh

In the past year, Camp Josh in Ontonagon County has been able to make significant upgrades to the grounds thanks in part to fundraising from Giving Tuesday 2022. The camp was able to complete multiple projects supporting campers in need of smooth paths for wheelchairs. Camp Josh blacktopped the path from the log cabin to the pond and gazebo, as well as completing the blacktop under the camp’s pavilion for outdoor gatherings.

“A lot of our campers come in groups of about 35 to 40. And we probably average four groups a year like that. If not more. We want to blacktop our turnaround now. We’ve got it all graveled. And put in a big handicap parking lot. We want to blacktop that and make it easier for people who are coming in wheelchairs, or have a physical disability. And get it it is more handicap accessible. We’d like to get a blacktop around our pond. We have a beautiful pond that we did put a brand new fence up around. So nobody can get too close and fall in. But we’d like to put a blacktop pathway around that also.” – Steve Store, President, Camp Josh Board of Directors

Camp Josh’s board President, Steve Store says that the funds from donations in the year, and the influx from Giving Tuesday make a big difference in what the camp can accomplish before campers arrive. Camp Josh works to bring in groups of adults older teens, and kids who have a physical or mental disability. The store says upgrading the camp’s grounds gets campers outside more. And adds to their experience and memories made at camp.

“We had one individual ask us, who pays for this? Well, first they ask, how much is this gonna cost us. And I tell them, it’s not going to cost you a thing. He says, well somebody has to pay for this, who pays for this? I tell them it’s all volunteers and the community around us gives us this money so we can provide this service. And it’s just overwhelming when you see all of this happen, it gives you an unbelievable feeling.” – Steve Store, President, Camp Josh Board of Directors

Giving Tuesday with the Copper Shores Community Health Foundation last year raised over 650,000 dollars from individuals in the community and from friends of the Keweenaw Peninsula. Annually the foundation has provided a match sum to add to the day of giving’s total. Adding up to over 2.7 million dollars spread throughout the copper country over the past six years. Find more information about Giving Tuesday with the Copper Shores Community Health Foundation here, and more about Camp Josh here.

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