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Glide n’ Gorge canceled

The Keweenaw Nordic Ski Club’s Glide n’ Gorge has been canceled this year. Originally scheduled for Saturday, forecasted ice will make conditions on the trails too poor to handle the influx of participants. Treasurer John Diebel says that there is not enough time left in the winter season to make up the event. Next weekend is the Great Bear Chase and, by mid-March, the stronger sun and longer days begin to leave a mark on the powdered paths.

Diebel says there should be plenty to celebrate next year.

The City of Hancock has had approval from FEMA to rebuild the gorge. It’s kind of been a little bit delayed working with FEMA to determine the exact route. It looks good that everything is going to fall into place but we still need to get final approval from FEMA on that reroute before we can get some contracts out for this summer.

Glide n’ Gorge was originally a fundraiser, but had to be scaled back due to the COVID pandemic last year. The 2022 edition was set to have appetizers and other snacks set out for skiers. Homemade treats would’ve awaited them at the Four Seasons Chalet near the Maasto Hiihto Trailhead at the fairgrounds. It was conceived as part potluck and part open house, free to those taking part.

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