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Gov. Whitmer’s UP Jobs Tour stops in Houghton

Governor Gretchen Whitmer brought her UP Jobs Tour to Houghton Wednesday afternoon. The appearance comes at a time where the post-pandemic economic recovery is fragile. Many businesses are trying to hire, but can’t find staff. The overall labor force has shrunk over the past twelve months, even with abundant opportunities available. Whitmer says this fall may be a turning point in that dynamic.

I do think that when we get into September and we see older kids get back into school, that’s going to relieve some pressure on the workforce that’s trying to figure out how to do it all.

It’s not just a UP problem. There are over 10 million open jobs across America, easily an all-time record.

She appeared with senior officials of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to present the city with a marker designating it a Redevelopment Ready Community. Specifically, the entourage was here to tour downtown and the new pier.

Manager Eric Waara led the governor past the active construction site where the pier is beginning to take shape, along Bridgeview Park and the Portage Lake District Library, and finally to the MTEC SmartZone Powerhouse business incubator on Lakeshore Drive west of the lift bridge.

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