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Governor unveils “Vacc to Normal” plan

At a Thursday morning press conference, Governor Gretchen Whitmer offered several carrots to try and entice Michiganders to get vaccinated. For every threshold met, restrictions will be relaxed. If 55% of eligible adults get their first shot, two weeks later the state’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration will lift the requirement for employers to offer only remote work when possible.

When 60% get their first shot, capacity limits will be relaxed and curfews will be curtailed.

Two weeks after we hit 4.9 million Michiganders, or 60 percent have received their first shot, we’ll increase indoor capacity at sports stadiums, conference centers, and banquet halls to 25%. We’ll increase capacity limits at gyms to 50% and we’ll lift the curfew at bars and restaurants.

Step Three kicks in at 65% of eligible Michiganders directing indoor capacity limits to be lifted entirely. Step Four would end the mask mandate.

Michigan Republican Party Communications Director Ted Goodman responded to the plan. “Gov. Whitmer’s refusal to re-open schools and lack of support for small businesses is causing permanent, irreparable harm to Michiganders. Whitmer’s incompetent pandemic response has followed the political science and we are demanding that she follows the actual science.”

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