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Grad students at Tech show support for Ukraine

Blue and yellow has popped up in a lot of places throughout the Copper Country this week, including on the campus of Michigan Tech. Two graduate students from Ukraine, a husband and wife, have led demonstrations against Russian aggression near the Husky statue. Another is planned for Sunday, taking the form of a discussion in the Van Pelt and Opie Library’s East Reading Room.

Nazar Gora says that he has been in constant contact with his family, who are lucky enough to live away from where a majority of the fighting is occurring.

My family is in the west part of Ukraine, so they are safe, because Russian troops are on the south and east.

His spouse Adelina Oronova isn’t as lucky. She hails from nearby a nuclear plant, which caught fire during fighting on Thursday night. In these tough times, she is lifted by the kind words and actions in favor of Ukraine.

We know that everybody is helping us in the way that they can. Please continue doing that, even spreading the word on donating or calling your congressman to say that you are also asking for all of the support for Ukraine that your country can provide.

Ukrainian and Russian officials have met since the beginning of the invasion, but the sides remain far apart on a potential peace deal.

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