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Hancock Aligns Itself with State Dangerous Building Codes

Last night the Hancock city council was introduced to David Rowe. Rowe is the new CEO for the Smartzone in Houghton, just across the bridge. Rowe introduced himself and spoke briefly about what Smartzone hopes to accomplish over time. And expressed that himself and the organization want to continue a strong relationship with the city. Hancock also found out that the city’s EV charging station project has been selected for funding under the Charge Up Michigan placement project. Hancock made a slight change to the introduction of ordinance 308 last night. 308 will amend chapter 150 in the city’s handbook on code enforcement. The addition of this ordinance says City Manager Mary Babcock, will align better with the state ordinance regarding dangerous buildings in the city limits.

We currently have dangerous building ordinance within our ordinances. But this will align us better with the state ordinances. And it will make it quite a bit easier to proceed and follow to make sure we process it correctly. and wee have more latitude with this one. – City Manager, Mary Babcock

The change made to the ordinance makes continual disrepair to a dangerous building as a civil infraction rather than a misdemeanor, carrying a 120 day jail sentence.

And we have switched most of our ordinances so everything is a civil infraction. We gotten rid of the misdemeanor with everything else. So it would go along with that same philosophy. – City manager, Mary Babcock

Lastly, the theme for the home decorating contest for the Christmas season has been selected. This year’s theme will be Whoville from the Dr. Seuss classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

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