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Hancock Council looking to broadcast meetings online

It will be a gradual process but Hancock Council intends to slowly roll out online broadcasts of its meetings over the coming months. The subject was brought up at Wednesday’s meeting by Mayor Paul LaBine in response to correspondence from Richard Tuisku, known to many in the area as Dick Storm thanks to a long radio career.

Several councilors said they wanted to ensure staff, who already have significant responsibilities during the meeting itself, were comfortable with the charge. That included John Haeussler.

Haeussler: To answer your question, Mayor, I am in favor of doing it as long as it’s not too burdensome. LaBine: That’s pretty much my position.

For now, the meetings will not allow for public participation, but that is an option that could roll out at a later date.

During her administrative report, Manager Mary Babcock discussed the partnership with Ariens to test snow removal equipment. An announcement should be coming soon about an extension of the partnership for several years to come. Right now, company crews are testing out smaller models near the campground. Babcock says Ariens is an enthusiastic and willing partner.

They’re very excited about it. The owner has been up here and toured the area. They can’t say enough about what we’ve offered them and the way the relationship has worked.

The company is headquartered in Brillion, Wisconsin. Ariens will provide equipment to Hancock public works employees in the future.

Hancock renewed its membership in the Keweenaw Economic Development Alliance at a cost of $3,500. It also approved applications for USDA Rural Development grants to aid the purchase of two city vehicles, one a pickup truck for a cost of roughly $37,000 and a used vacuum truck for sanitation work, with a price tag of $256,000.

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