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Hancock Master Plan Sessions Generate a Variety of Ideas for the City

A second large group of Hancock’s residents joined at the Houghton County Arena last night to brainstorm ideas for the city’s future. Hancock’s two master plan sessions have generated a number of big ideas for the city’s future and potential developments. Once again Progressive Architects and Engineers led residents through two main exercises; listing out Hancock’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges. As well as mapping out key areas of the city where future developments can take place.

“Big hills are certainly a challenge, for getting up and down and circulating around the town. And we hear about challenges for walking or biking in the community. Certainly the speed of traffic plays a role in that, and how comfortable people are.You have a beautiful opportunity with the waterfront. And the views are spectacular. I think that was something for us, that is such a treasure up here.” – Suzanne Schulz, Urban Planning Practice Leader, Progressive Architects and Engineers

Progressive Architects and Engineers have worked with a number of other municipalities around Michigan. Urban Planning Practice Leader, Suzanne Schultz, and her team toured the city, and recognized a number of difficult challenges with the areas geography. But they also took note of the beauty of the city’s location on the Portage Canal, and potential for developments with a purpose. The group will compile the thoughts gathered during the master plan sessions. And provide residents and the city with their analysis in the coming weeks.  

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