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Hancock Public Schools has a Traditional Bond and Sinking Fund Millage on the Ballot

Coming up soon, Hancock residents will decide on approving two proposals regarding Hancock Public Schools. The first Proposal deals with a traditional bond issues. The newest bond proposal for the school follows a trend downward, saving taxpayers money. The school would plan to take the money and use it for upgrading health, safety and access to STEM programs.

“But now we need to redo some of our spaces to make sure we can accommodate for the grant funded equipment we’re bringing in. Taxpayers are going to get 2.98 mills back, or a reduction, just by voting yes. So what does that come out to be? And a couple of examples; If you have a $40,000 property, that is 59 dollars a year (in taxes), If you have a $250,000 property, that is 268 dollars a year. So, just by voting yes, you’re going to get a reduction on your taxes. Which a lot of people have been asking me about that.” – Steve Patchin, Hancock Public Schools Superintendent

The other proposal deals with the school’s sinking fund, which is used to make major facility repairs at the district’s buildings. The last time the sinking fund was on the ballot, was five years ago. Since then the district has been able to upgrade the building’s A/C system, replacing the high school’s roof, and the front sidewalk entrance. If approved by residents, the sinking fund will help replace the fire alarm system, the elementary entrance, and the high school bleachers.

“We live in a community that’s pretty unique, right? They’re very supportive of our school. And we’re thankful for that. Which is why we’re good stewards of of our money. When we ask for it, and we tell them what we’re going to use it for, we use it for that. And transparency, is a key for us. So the sinking fund, we went out for last time was 1.5 mills. And again. We’re just restoring the 1.5 mills. Not asking for any more. So again I voting yes on both of those, still gives you that 2.98 reduction in your taxes. Which is nice to have in the pocket.” – Steve Patchin, Hancock Public Schools Superintendent

Schools in rural areas tend to become large centers for the community to gather. And Superintendent Steve Patchin says that continuing toward building a foundational relationship with the city, school, and community will always be a top priority for the district. Hancock resident will vote on each proposal for the school district separately. There is still time left to register to vote, though that must be don in person with your township, village or city clerk.

Hear more from Hancock Public Schools Superintendent Steve Patchin discuss the millage proposals with Copper Country Today Host Todd Van Dyke in last week’s episode here. Or click the C.C. Today tab on our website, and look for Copper Country Today – October 30th, 2022.

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