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Hancock Schools has Ability to Test for COVID, and Received MSTEP Results

At the Hancock School Board meeting last night Superintendent Steve Patchin informed the group there are a couple of students who are quarantining. The students did not contract the illness at school, but rather a family member tested positive. And students and families are playing it safe right now. Patchin said that they do have the ability to perform testing at schools.

We do have the ability to do tests inside our buildings, both buildings. Chris and Myself, I think Ive done four of them in the past…five days. Again, they’re antigen testing the kids, the tests were given to use for free. We have probably 150-200 in stock right now, and another 500 on order from the state. – Superintendent Steve Patchin

School districts across the Upper Peninsula are in contact with each other, giving updates on COVID spread within buildings.

 The school district also began accepting bids for winter snow removal this week. Patchin also reported that the district website rollout was successful, and is optimized for the district to update families on emergencies, events and reports. The m-step reports also showed the Hancock schools did better than the state average in a variety of fields thanks to the hard work of teachers over the past year, particularly at the elementary level. And the district also accepted the resignation of two teachers, hired two new instructors, and an additional 7 new staff members for the 2021-22 school year.

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