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Hancock SRO Officer Olsen Gets a New Backpack for the Upcoming School Year

Officer Darron Olsen will get a new backpack ahead of the upcoming school year. Hancock Public Schools will purchase a tactical backpack for the SRO Officer for an approximate price of 750 dollars.

Officer Darron Olsen works throughout the Hancock Public Schools at the elementary, and high school and middle school campuses. Due to the distance between each campus and the size the middle school and high school building, Hancock would need to install a safe for equipment in each location. But a tactical backpack may act as a one stop shop for the School Resource Officer

“Right now the plan would be to install up to three safe in the buildings. They’d be separated, fixed and secured and located strategically throughout this building, the high school building and Barkell Elementary. Whereas this tactical backpack would be used as a one stop shop, so to speak. Where it serves multiple capacities.” – Chris Salani, Interim Superintendent, Hancock Public Schools

The backpack will act as an easier way for the officer to access equipment in the case of an emergency, without having to travel to his office or locker. Board member trustee, Charlie Klein, who works with the Hoguhton County Sheriff’s department, supported Officer Olsen’s reasoning behind having a backpack over a keeping necessary equipment in a locker.

“It’s a necessity for the SRO to have access too all of his gear if something happens. We can’t have him in the middle school, and something happen in the elementary school or high school, and he doesn’t have what he needs. So if this is what he feels comfortable with to carry the necessary gear, 749 dollars really isn’t that much compared to cost of other body armor.” – Charlie Klein, Trustee, Hancock Public Schools

The back pack will include a body shield plate that is able to move from it’s stored position for easy use. Interim Superintendent Chris Salani confirmed that Officer Olsen will keep the backpack on his person at all times. Trustee Klein did raise a question about concealing the officer’s long-gun he’s required to have. Salani also confirmed that the long-gun will be concealed away from view of students.


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