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Hancock trails suffering from water damage

At Wednesday’s Hancock City Council meeting, the board agreed to enter into a memorandum of understanding with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to rehabilitate two segments of trails near the waterfront. The Navy Street Trail near Tezcuco is suffering from water amassing underneath it, creating instability. It will have to be pulled up and then repaved after improvements are made at the foundation.

Further up the hill on Water Street requires more work, says Manager Mary Babcock.

We will be having to do actually a storm water system for a couple blocks. There will be catch basins and we’ll have to put curb and gutter in to direct the water, and we’ll have to repave portions of it.

The hope is to keep the water from flowing down the hill, pulling dirt and earth with it.

The council went into closed session to evaluate the performance of Babcock. When it reopened, Mayor Paul LaBine noted that she had been found to have exceeded performance standards over the past year. Earlier in the meeting the body reviewed the official job description for the open Public Works Director position. The listing is worded to stress the importance of previous managerial experience. Expect to see it on career websites soon.

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