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Houghton County Commissioners hold special meeting

The Houghton County Board of Commissioners met at noon on Wednesday to pass a budget for the new fiscal year which began today. In general, revenue and expenditures were in line with past amounts with one notable exception. Over $3.7 million is courtesy of federal sources thanks to recent COVID relief legislation. There are specific rules as to what that money can be spent on, and the county is moving slowly in allocating it for various projects. That leaves the general fund temporarily showing a surplus that will be slowly whittled away as funds are spent.

The board also reviewed applicants for the open administrator position. Eleven candidates submitted the required materials to the county to be considered for the job. They are listed below.

David Juntunen

Mary Sears

Elizabeth Bjorn

Christina Holcomb

Keith Anderson

Dale Shalifoe

Kerry Pontis

Kassy Heikkinen

William Lytle

Jeremy Marshall

Adam Gill

The candidates’ list was submitted by departing administrator Ben Larson.

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