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Houghton pleased with census count

Few Upper Peninsula cities can say they grew last decade, and even fewer can say the rate was a healthy eight percent. Houghton Manager Eric Waara says he is pleased about the results released by the Census Bureau earlier this month. County and municipal officials put together a great game plan, according to Waara.

And the difficulty is with a college town, is how do you make sure you get the count accurate? We worked with the Marketing Department to come up with a campaign to make people aware of the Census and how important it is. I know Glenn Anderson with the county was doing a lot of radio ads.

Especially as it relates to infrastructure, population count plays a huge role in the amount of funding Houghton is in line for.

The money we get for our roads…population is one of the numbers in that formula. You directly insert population into that formula for how much road funding you get. Revenue sharing from the State for the sales tax sharing that comes back, population is part of that formula.

Waara says the goal is to have growth, but at a manageable level. A steady increase is necessary for Houghton’s future vitality, but the goal is not to grow too big. Much of the city’s charm lies in the fact that it retains a small-town feel.

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