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Houghton School Board Welcomes Micah Stipech As New Varsity Hockey Coach and Joins Litigation Against Social Media

The Houghton Portage Township school board meeting highlights include the school unanimously voting to join a litigation started in California against social media companies such as Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, and more. Should there be financial reparations, the school will receive it.

“Turent sent this out last week, the same company, if you read the news, that was successful in litigation against Juul with vaping. [Truent] has put one out on social media. I think every school administrator can say we spend time dealing with the negative effects of social media on a daily basis. This is something where it doesn’t cost the school district any funds, but it is something we can join in, and I feel this is in the best interest of our district to do this. I think social media and the way it’s been marketed to our youth has done a disservice to them and has had some negative impacts.” – Superintendent at Houghton Portage Township School, Anders Hill

See more information on the litigation here.

Micah Stipech was approved for hire as the new varsity hockey coach.

Corey Markham will retire after 25 years as head coach for the varsity hockey team. He lead the team to victory for multiple regional titles, and was in the final four in the state tournament four times. This year he was the Division III Coach of the Year in the state of Michigan.

“I mean just a great example, I guess, for our student athletes but really for the sport of hockey in general. He just did so much for the sport locally and throughout the state. I think if you talk to any of his players they’ll all say he was just a great role model and a great coach. One thing I’ve observed working with Corey is his overall level of expectation, and just the focus that he has for his program, is crystal clear. By having that clear vision and those high expectations for the program, I think it just really helps permeate through the whole program, and it’s a large, probably huge, reason why he’s been so successful.” – Athletics Director for Houghton Portage Township Schools, John Sanregret

There will also be a price change for sport tickets to see a single game. See below for the price changes.

Free admittance for veterans and active service members

Adult for High School game: $7 (increased from $5)

Adult for Middle School game: $5 (increased from $4)

Senior citizens for all games: $4 (increased from $3)

Students for all games (without all sport/all season pass): $4 (increased from $3)

Season passes for students or families will not change in price.

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