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Invasive species grant proposals being accepted

During Sunday’s Copper Country Today, MTU Associate Professor Sigrid Resh discussed the Keweenaw Invasive Management Species Area, and where it finds funding for its activities. Resh says that over the summer three projects supported the employment of nine students. KISMA works near Lake Gratiot, the Swedetown Trail System, and many other famous Keweenaw landscapes. The program that provides most of KISMA’s budget is opening its 2021 funding round.

The Michigan Invasive Species Grant Program has money that funds CISMAS (Cooperative Invasive Species Management Areas. Specifically, when you write a grant they have a pool of money available to CISMAS. Then there’s also a larger pool of funding that’s competitive across anybody who wants to do invasive species work.

Resh says KISMA is unique in that it uses MIchigan Tech as its fiduciary, rather than the local conservation district. Resh says the school is a huge help in financial matters.

Michigan Tech takes on that responsibility for me, so I don’t have to have the accounting degree that I felt like I needed to have when I first started with KISMA and it was going through other fiduciaries.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is anticipating giving out $3.6 million for invasive species management grants this year statewide. Proposals are due November 1st.

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