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It’s That Time of the Year Again to Clear Off Roofs

Winter in the U.P. means lots of snow. Michigan Tech’s Keweenaw Research Center said the area got 118  inches so far. And Keweenaw County has recorded 222.5 inches this year. That’s about average for this part of the U.P.  But, if you do the math, 118 inches is nearly 10 feet of snow. Thick layers of snow accumulate and can cause a number of issues including roof collapse and expensive repairs.

“Primarily you want to try to use plastic shovels, plastic scoops. Roof rakes are pretty effective early in the season, when the snow is softer. As the winter progresses the snow gets heavier and stiffer.” – Dan Riutta, Owner Dan Riutta Contracting

Ice can also cause issues during the winter.  Snow that melts and then refreezes can also cause ice dams. Too much ice in areas of the roof like gutters could expand and possibly cause damage to the end of the roof.

“Mostly, you have your ice dams, that can cause leaks. Then there’s the sagging, if you have a lot of snow and ice built up. Towards the spring it may be harder on the shingles as it melts. Or it might takes some shingles off with it if the roofing is old.” – Dan Riutta, Owner Dan Riutta Contracting

If you are clearing that snow off a single story roof yourself, tools like a snow rake and some roof melt make the process easier and safer. For two or more stories or for roofs with steep pitches, it might be best to call in a pro. 

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