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Joe Nichols concert postponed; new date likely next spring

The centerpiece of this fall’s schedule at the Calumet Theatre has been postponed again. Joe Nichols will not be on the stage November 5th, but a concert is still being planned with the date’s opening act, Chad Borgen and The Collective. Calumet Theatre Company Board President Dan Jamison says refunds will be issued if patrons choose that option. He realizes that money was collected for the initial performance date, spring of 2020, long ago and wants a clean start for when Nichols finally makes it to the Copper Country.

Jamison explains what caused the most recent scheduling problem.

Joe can’t make this thing work financially because he has had several drop out dates before and after, so to get his entire group up here…it’s the same thing that they were talking about the other couple of times that they postponed it.

Nichols offered a statement of his own, expressing his regret for the situation.

We truly want to make it to Calumet, we will play Calumet as soon as we can make it up there, but right now we are just not able to make it there on November 5th. We are so sorry that we have to cancel this date.”

The Borgen concert is tentatively slated to be a free performance. Jamison says he has a working crew in place and there is a renewed commitment to be able to put on shows even with little notice. Jamison is looking to expand educational opportunities at the theatre and is in talks to have the Calumet Players put on dramas and comedies at the venue. The goal is to get the number of bookings back into the 55 to 65 range annually.

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