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Keweenaw Commissioners table discussion on sewage lagoons

Wednesday’s meeting of the Keweenaw County Board of Commissioners was a short one, clocking in at just 10 minutes. The group tabled a discussion on the sewage lagoons located at Mount Horace Greeley, although the issue still looms and member Del Rajala says that it needs to be addressed in April.

It’s a stick of dynamite with a fuse that I don’t know how fast it’s going to burn. If we want to run it all the way to the end, we might catch ourselves with something that… a massive clean up that would take longer than the seven years. Piche: That’s true. Because after talking to OHM there, it could cost up to a $1 million just to shut that down.

Chairman Don Piche says the valves have stopped working, but there is a way to continue operations without them. The lagoons are expected to generate over $25,000 a year until the end of the decade. Piche says the investing group that has taken over the radar base could potentially assume operation of the lagoons.

The people that purchased the radar base up there…to my knowledge, they’re still interested in purchasing it from us.

The board unanimously approved a special land use permit for a new drive-thru restaurant in Mohawk at the site of a former bank.

It’s special land use for a drive-thru, the old Superior National Bank in Mohawk. They want to turn it into a drive-thru area only, no dine in. Grab n’ go food, ice cream, coffee, and they’ll have a little gift shop in there too.

Clerk Julie Carlson says that the county needs two members for the Board of Canvassers, one Republican and one Democrat, for this fall’s election cycle.

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