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Keweenaw Heartlands Blueprint Available For Public Review

With the recent changing of hands of the Keweenaw Heartlands, a new blueprint for the future of the area is being drafted, which is open for public input and review.

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) invites the public to review the section of the principles and values for management of the heartlands.

Section 1 documents the process that ultimately led to the acquisition of the lands for the benefit of the Keweenaw’s people, environment, and economy, providing context for the sustainable public management of the land permanently.

The blueprint is scheduled for completion this summer.

Sections 3 and 4 have been available for review previously.

Section 3 discusses community-determined principles and values behind the management, and section 4 recommends a structure for community involvement in decision making and governance of the land long-term, including potential next steps for the land to be transferred from TNC into public ownership.

Find the link to the blueprint here.

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