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Keweenaw Mountain Lodge Applied to IDA in April, Hopes for Certification Soon

Only in darkness can you see the stars. At the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula the International Dark Sky Association could add another dark sky park to the list of 200 IDA certified parks. The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge hopes after going through the application process they can become the headquarters for dark skies in the Keweenaw. The tip of the peninsula offers incredible and well known views all day long. But most never really pay attention to the views at night said John Mueller Interim General Manager with Keweenaw Mountain Lodge.

So we have to work on making sure on the property we have lighting that will limit the amount of light pollution. But also work with people around the area so that they can do the exact same thing. Mike miller of our staff held the light management workshop, and explained what we did and what others can do. either as a city of a residential house. – Interim General Manager John Mueller

One part of becoming a dark sky recognized area requires the lodge to limit light on the property. With the lodge potentially being the headquarters of a dark sky park, they will need to work with the county and educate businesses and residents on the benefits and needs for the Keweenaw to emit low light levels. Mueller says that will be the biggest challenge.

You know that have talked about coming up to the Keweenaw for ages to see the lights and get away from the urban areas. It gives us the ability to really formalize it and partner with people that have really good resources like the IDA, to help explain the benefits. – John Mueller

The biggest aspects to operating such a park for the IDA is how the lodge goes about recording light levels, upgrading lighting around the property to be compliant with the mission of the park, and educating the public about what resources they have at night. The lodge applied for certification back in April 2021, and will meet with representatives of the International Dark Sky Association again at the end of the month to review version 2.1 of the lodge’s application. Mueller said that everything seems to be on track and hopes that the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge will gain certification as soon as early next year.

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