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Keweenaw Nordic Ski Club improving St. Urho’s trail

Members of the Keweenaw Nordic Ski Club were busy over the weekend putting down a new layer of recycled concrete on the St. Urho’s trail near the Swedetown Gorge. Superior Sand and Gravel delivered enough to lay down six inches of smooth surface. Volunteer Mark Roberts and tractor operator John Pekkala spread the material, helping to fill in any divots and potholes that disrupted the trail.

The group says that the St. Urho’s path is 30 years old and suffers from poor drainage. Heavy rain pulls away the sediment leaving damage in its wake. In addition to the concrete, catch basins were installed, which are intended to alleviate this problem. Wayne Stordahl was in charge of the work.

Video is here.

The club says the improvements will be enjoyed by nature enthusiasts of all seasons. Hikers and bikers should be able to use the trail without wearing it down. If the St. Urho’s route holds up better through summer and fall, it is easier to prepare for cross country skiers early in winter time.

The path is part of the Maasto Hiihto trail system. More photos are available here.

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