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Keweenaw Queers to Hold Candlelight Vigil at the Houghton Waterfront Pier

Around the copper country Keweenaw Queers has been able to bring together members of the LGBTQ community and supportive residents. President of the group, Katie Atkinson, says that they have been able to bring together people from all over the area and show that there is a strong and vibrant queer community in the upper peninsula. Later today the group will continue to show their strength while remembering those in the transgender community who have had a harder time gaining acceptance from mainstream America.

“As a day it is a bit of a somber event. but this is an important event and opportunity for people to come together and hold space for each other. And share community with each other.” – Katie Atkinson, President, Keweenaw Queers

Keweenaw Queers will hold a candlelight vigil for International Transgender Day of Remembrance at the waterfront pier in Houghton. The group does ask individuals planning to attend please bring their candles, as the group has a limited number available. Atkinson also suggests to dress warm. Those interested in attending will also hear from three special guests who will speak about their experiences within the community. Keweenaw Queers will meet at the Houghton waterfront pier at 6 pm this evening.

Keweenaw Queers (KQ) can be found here and on instagram.

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